SheLeadsHer - Mindset

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This course will help you uncover the influences in your life that have shaped your leadership behaviors. Additionally, you will identify whether these patterns are serving you as a woman leader in the workplace.
Jaemi Serene

Jaemi Serene

Founder, SheLeadsHer

Jaemi Serene is a Women’s Leadership Advocate who has a passion for developing the next generation of women leaders.  She is adamant that women must know leadership is not about a title.  That leadership is simply the ability to influence change for the positive.  Therefore, we all have the ability to lead.

After fifteen years and 30,000 hours of working in Human Resources for various organizations, the real pivotal moment in understanding what her true mission was in developing SheLeadsHer began while facilitating leadership workshops for women in College and experiencing the true desire that women have in reaching their full potential in their career and leadership.  Understanding that women do better when we work together and share best practices.  That is exactly what Jaemi Serene has done by pulling together her professional and personal experience to help develop the next generation of leaders, one at a time. 

Jaemi Serene leads video training and in person seminars teaching young professional women how to achieve career success.  She also has a footprint in Silicon Valley where she hosts workshops on closing the leadership and wage gap.  Jaemi Serene sits on the Council for Women's Equality in Santa Clara County and collaborates with Non-Profits to move the needle forward in Gender Equity topics. 

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