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Mindset Shifts

SheLeadsHer Mindset was designed for young professional women who are seeking a new way of learning about self leadership.  This online course is combined with videos, articles and workbooks to walk you through YOUR journey of self leadership.  There is opportunity to meet other women from other parts of the world, who are also on the same journey, making self improvement a commitment, by joining the private facebook group. Once you join the program, you will receive instructions on how to join the community and make personal connections and share your journey with like-minded women. 

The Mindset training will cover the following topics:

Module 1: Who are YOU in YOUR leadership?

  1. Understand why behavior is just as important as skill in leadership
  2. Uncover your current behaviors connected to leadership that are creative or reactive
  3. Complete a 360 assessment to uncover what others experience in your leadership
  4. Take a self assessment on how you perceive others to experience your leadership (behavior)
  5. Redefine your leadership style and characteristics you want to demonstrate
  6. Action plan to address leadership (behavior) gaps

Module 2: Early Influences of Leadership 

  1. Understand how your upbringing has influenced your idea of leadership
  2. Make meaning of patterns in your lifeline, outlining peaks and valleys
  3. List unconscious beliefs that are showing up in your leadership that are no longer serving you
  4. List beliefs that you hold that you consider strengths of your vision of leadership
  5. Identify how the women in your life have played a role in your vision of being a female leader
  6. Action steps to close the leadership gap

Module 3: Managing Emotional Triggers & Increasing Emotional Intelligence 

  1. Understand what triggers you and why it triggers you
  2. Define what values are compromised when you are triggered
  3. Identify methodologies to use when triggered (V-SCARF, ACT, The Four Agreements)
  4. Create a proactive response to triggers to use when they arise
  5. Develop a stronger emotional presence in the workplace when high stress occurs

Jaemi Serene

Jaemi Serene

Founder, SheLeadsHer

Jaemi Serene is a Women’s Leadership Advocate who has a passion for developing the next generation of women leaders.  She is adamant that women must know leadership is not about a title.  That leadership is simply the ability to influence change for the positive.  Therefore, we all have the ability to lead.

After fifteen years and 30,000 hours of working in Human Resources for various organizations, the real pivotal moment in understanding what her true mission was in developing SheLeadsHer began while facilitating leadership workshops for women in College and experiencing the true desire that women have in reaching their full potential in their career and leadership.  Understanding that women do better when we work together and share best practices.  That is exactly what Jaemi Serene has done by pulling together her professional and personal experience to help develop the next generation of leaders, one at a time. 

Jaemi Serene leads video training and in person seminars teaching young professional women how to achieve career success.  She also has a footprint in Silicon Valley where she hosts workshops on closing the leadership and wage gap.  Jaemi Serene sits on the Council for Women's Equality in Santa Clara County and collaborates with Non-Profits to move the needle forward in Gender Equity topics. 

Course Contents

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15 PDFs